Business Acquisition Financing

Finance a business aquisition from the Coastal Capital GroupCoastal Capital Group specializes in providing capital for corporate acquisition. We can secure the funds you need to purchase and launch your new corporate acquisition.

Because of the great variety of businesses and the relationship with the person or business purchasing them, there is no “one size fits all” approach to successful Business Acquisition Financing. Coastal Capital Group has the resources to cater to any industry. We recognize that what may be good for one industry is not necessarily ideal for another. Many factors affect optimal acquisition finance structure such as business cash flows, seasonality, regulatory concerns, and market concentrations just to name a few. Our experts can structure finances for the acquisition of a large or small business that provide the cash and insight you need to compete in business.

Business Acquisition Finance Services

    • Analysis of the purchase price.
      • We determine if the business has adequate cash flow to support the investment.
      • We perform purchase price analysis to determine if the purchase price is within the standards of the industry.
    • Financing to purchase the business. Using in depth analysis of Get the funding you need to finance a business aquisitionthe business’s historicaland expected cash flow, we leverage the existing assets of the company to the maximum amount possible, minimizing your cash requirements for acquiring the company.
    • We can provide the equity necessary if you are left with a Let Coastal Capital help you by providing the funds you need for a business aquisitioncash shortfall for the transaction after the financing and our cash investment.


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