Accounts Receivable Financing

Lowest Factoring Rates Guaranteed!  Factoring Rates starting at 0.5%-1.69%

Flexible A/R finance programs to work with your business.

Lowest Fees. More Options. 24 Hour Funding.  

Options available to tie your A/R Finance in with Purchase Order Finance or Inventory Finance. (click for more information)

Coastal Capital Group offers Accounts Receivable Finance programs that fit your needs at the best rates available and unsurpassed customer service. From standard invoice factoring, to hybrid programs including Non Notification Factoring, Non Recourse Factoring, Contractor Project Financing, Medical Professionals Receivables Financing, and more, we’ve got you covered! 

  • ARFinancingAccount Options: Choose between a Traditional flat factor or a low interest rate plus a nominal transaction fee.
  • Fast Turnaround: We can have a proposal on your desk in 24 hours.
  • Flexible programs: Coastal Capital offers multiple specialized Accounts Receivable Factoring platforms to accommodate the widest spectrum of industries at the most convenient terms possible.
  • World Class Customer Service: Extremely important for a company that you will be partnering with for the management of your cash flow and receivables.

Basic Qualifications for Invoice Factoring

  1. Your invoices must for business to business transactions. We do not factor consumer receivables.
  2. The invoice must be non-negotiable and non-cancelable.

Easy Application Options:

CLICK HERE to Apply Online

or CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A PDF APPLICATION that you can complete and email or fax over.
We will have an underwriter contact you within 2 business hours and can have a proposal issued within 24 hours.

Specialty Programs

Fast Track Flat Rate Invoice FactoringFast

Fast and Simple to use lines for smaller accounts

An easy to navigate, express invoice factoring program for lines up to $100,000. It takes just a few days to set up, and you can draw funds on invoices in just 24 hours.

  • Flat 2.99% cost for invoices paying up to 90 days.
  • No Monthly Minimums-you can chose which invoices you want to send at any time.
  • No Personal Guaranty-You are not creating debt, just selling receivables.
  • Up to 90% of you invoice paid within 24 hours-you get the remaining 10% when the invoice is paid.

Non-Notification Factoring

Available NowCoastal Capital Offers Non-Notification Factoring For Qualified Businesses 

Your customers do not know you use the services of a factoring company.
While many of the most successful companies utilize A/R Factoring to help them grow and maximize their cash flow and assets. We know that many business owners are reluctant to take advantage of Accounts Receivable Factoring because they do not want their clients to know they use receivables finance. We hear you, and we’ve got the answer.

    • Your customers make payments in your name.
    • Any communication with the client is made with generic identification as the Accounts Receivable Department email, telephone, customer service.
    • Payments are deposited to an account in your businesses’ name.

The qualifications are very similar to standard invoice factoring as long as there is no more than 35% concentration to one client receivable.
Construction Contractors and a few very high risk industries are restricted from Non-Notification, but can use our standard factoring programs.

Non Recourse Factoring

Non recourse factoring options are available for qualified accounts.  Simply put, that means that if for any reason the end debtor fails to pay, you have no liability, and you do not have to return the funds you already drew against their invoices.

For example: If you  draw 90% of your invoices and submitted invoices on an account for $50,000, you would have collected $45,000 upfront and would receive the $5,000 balance less factoring charges, upon payment of the invoice from the client.
If that client goes bankrupt between the time of the invoice being advanced to you, and us receiving payment, you will not receive the  %10 balance, but you got paid 90% and we took the loss.

Revolving Lines of Credit Secured by Receivables

This program provides a $50,000 to $1,000,000 Revolving Credit Line based on a percentage of your rolling outstanding Accounts Receivable Borrowing Base.
For more information on revolving credit lines secured by A/R, CLICK HERE to learn about our Asset Based Lending Program.

Purchase Order and Inventory Finance

Finance your inventory for the capital to grow or draw funds against your Purchase Orders to help fill orders.  Both programs designed to fuel your business’ growth!
CLICK HERE to learn more about P.O. Financing and Inventory Financing.

Construction Contractor Receivables Finance

At Coastal Capital, We welcome Contractors Accounts Receivables.  Our A/R finance programs can accommodate Contractors who generate invoices for “Progress Payments” over the course of their projects.   Most of our competitors cannot work with phase payments.  We welcome it.
To learn more, visit our Construction Contractors Project Financing Page by CLICKING HERE.

Medical Accounts Receivable Finance

Health services businesses receivables are often tied up in accounts waiting for payment from Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Insurance Companies.  Their payment time often drags past 90 days.  We can structure receivables finance to service your needs, and have specialists in the field.
For mare details on our Medical Accounts Receivable Finance Program, CLICK HERE.

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