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  • Your invoices must be for business to business transactions. We do not factor consumer receivables.
  • The invoice must be non-negotiable and non-cancelable.
Account Options
Choose between a Traditional flat factor or a low interest rate plus a nominal transaction fee
Flexible Programs
Coastal Capital offers multiple specialized Accounts Receivable Factoring platforms to accommodate the widest spectrum of industries at the most competitive terms possible.
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Extremely important for a company that you will be partnering with for the management of your cash flow and receivables.

Benefits of Accounts Receivable Financing

Fast Funding - Cash in 24 hours it’s like all your customers pay the COD cash flow for payroll and operating expenses.
Take on a large new account without cash flow concerns
No Payments to make - No debt on the balance sheet - Focus on your business not collections.








Non recourse factoring options are available for most accounts. Simply put, that means that if for any reason the end debtor fails to pay, you have no liability, and you do not have to return the funds you already drew against their invoices.

Have the flexibility to factor individual invoices as you wish. One time or every now and then. It’s all up to you.

Your customers do not know you use the services of a factoring company

While many of the most successful companies utilize AR Factoring to help them grow and maximize their cash flow and assets, we know that many business owners are reluctant to take advantage of Accounts Receivable Factoring because they do not want their clients to know they use receivables finance.

We hear you, and we've got the answer.
  • Your customers make payments in your name.
  • Any communication with the client is made with generic identification as the Accounts Receivable Department email, telephone, customer service.
  • Payments are deposited into an account in your businesses' name.

The qualifications are very similar to standard invoice factoring as long as there is no more than 35% concentration to one client receivable. *Construction Contractors and a few very high risk industries are restricted from Non-Notification, but can use our standard factoring programs.

$100,000 to $10,000,000 Revolving Credit Line based on a percentage of your rolling outstanding Accounts Receivable Borrowing Base.

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At Coastal Capital, we welcome Contractors Accounts Receivables. Most of our competitors cannot work with progress payments. We specialize in it.

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We know Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Insurance Company receivables often drags past 120 days. We provide receivables finance for healthcare providers and have specialists in the field.

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Accounts Receivable Financing, or Factoring as it is commonly called, is the sale of accounts receivable invoices at a discount to a third party who assumes responsibility for collections. Many companies offer credit terms for their products or services to businesses. They typically don't get paid for 30-90 days or more. Eventually, they find themselves needing working capital to fund growth and can access cash from the hidden asset they already have in receivables without incurring debt. AR factoring is the liquidity solution of choice for a growing business. Accounts receivable financing is based on your customer's credit. not yours, so we can offer to finance receivables for start-ups, companies losing money, or even businesses in bankruptcy. With Accounts Receivable Financing you are selling an asset, not taking a loan. You do not incur a debt and do not have any payments to make, and with the not recourse option, you are not liable if an account fails to pay. There is another very important advantage to factoring your receivables. You are in effect outsourcing your AR department. Factors assume the responsibility of servicing your accounts, providing a valuable service, saving your company considerable expense, and providing you with detailed monthly statements. You can take the burden of collections and the arduous task of constant Accounts Receivable postings away from your office staff. Additionally, because we check and monitor your customer's credit for you, we can help you identify bad risks. In most cases you even get free credit insurance on your accounts.
The Assets You Already Have In Your Business Are All You Need To Help Your Business Grow!

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