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Construction Equipment Leasing

Now that you sales team has landed your company what may be the biggest construction project you have ever worked on you are going to have to locate the equipment you need. Most construction companies no longer own the bulk of the major equipment that they use on big jobs. It makes more sense to use a construction equipment leasing program to get the equipment they need and only have to keep it for as long as it is needed. Unless you are a huge construction company with continuous high levels of major construction projects, there is no reason to invest your working capital in heavy equipment. As you look into construction equipment leasing, the first thing you are going to notice is that it is far less expensive to lease the equipment you need than it is to have to go out and buy it. Imagine buying a tower crane for hundreds of thousands of dollars that you might only use on one job.

Now picture how much more affordable it would be if you went through a construction equipment leasing company and only had to pay for the equipment for the time that you need it. When you factor the coast of leasing your equipment into your proposal, the bottom line is often far lower than your competition and can be the difference between being awarded the contract and watching another construction company walk away with that lucrative contract. When you work with a construction equipment leasing company, you can make arrangements to set up payments that you can afford over the length of the lease.

This can help you to stretch out your budget, which is not a bad idea when you consider how much payments would be if you were to go out and actually buy the equipment you need to do the job. At the same time, all of your lease payments are tax deductible. You need to hang on to as much of your working capital on hand as you can to help your business grow and hire the crews you are going to need for each job you place the winning bids on. The last thing you need is to have it all tied up in a slew of equipment that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. When you take advantage of the low payments available by turning to a construction equipment leasing company, your capital is available when you need it. No matter what kind of equipment you need, Coastal Capital Group Inc. is there to help. They understand that the last thing you need to be doing is borrowing money at high interest rates or tying up your working capital to buy equipment. Instead they have a variety of construction equipment lease programs available for any size of business no matter what their credit looks like. Very few businesses buy equipment any more as they, like you do not want to tie up all of their working capital in equipment that they may not need to use for every project.