Revolving Business Lines Of Credit Program Instructions

One of the important factors in determining credit qualification for this program is the number of credit inquiries on your credit bureau in the last 180 days. So unlike the rest of our finance offerings, on this program we do not want to pull your credit bureau and generate an inquiry. If you request your own bureau, it does not reflect negatively on your report. We are set up to analyze reports furnished by, one of the largest and most reputable consumer report providers.

1) Please go to to access your business cosigner’s tri‐merge report (it will cost you $1).
2) Submit the entire report (all pages) for review by fax or email, or forward us the login information to print it for you:  Username, Password and Last 4 digits of the Social Security Number.

Email to:
Fax to:  (877) 828-8980

Once the submission department receives your Credit Report for review, please allow 24 hours and a Senior Consultant will contact you with your minimum guarantee and your expected funding range, along with the enrollment package

If you need any assistance or have any questions, you can email or call us at (877) 703-3090